3535 Studios provides an all-inclusive meeting experience that offers our customers a beautiful work experience while also exceeding their expectations. The Executive Suites are designed for workers that don’t fit the traditional office space. These workers can be CEOs, telecommuters, small business owners, creative entrepreneurs, and even the common person.  Our team strives to create a stress-free environment that allows you to focus on the important things while we handle the details.


High Speed Internet


Hard-wired (Ethernet) connections as well as access to Wi-Fi.

Spacious Commom Areas


Spaces includes desks, chairs, personal sink, whiteboards and lockable offices

Business Class Printers


Multi-function copier/scanner/printer.

Free Refreshments


Running a holiday sale or weekly special? Definitely promote it here to get customers excited about getting a sweet deal.

Onsite Staff


Have you opened a new location, redesigned your shop, or added a new product or service? Don't keep it to yourself, let folks know.

Events, Seminars, Workshops


Customers have questions, you have answers. Display the most frequently asked questions, so everybody benefits.

Choose the Space you need

Occasional Coworker


{Drop- In/Pop-Up}  
Prices range from $25 - $75 per day with no-reserved desk.  
People interested in dropping in for the day can do so for a day rate, provided there is sufficient space. Limited access is given for these members.

Regular Coworker


$250/mo. + $75 security deposit: with no-reserved desk.    
~ Suite/Lobby (If available)  
~ No reserved desk   
~ Workspace access  (7 day passes a month)  ~ Limited access to the business center/bistro/conference room (as available)  ~ First Come/First Serve basis on the Event Space rentals (schedule accordingly)

Company/Small Business Coworker


$400/mo. - $175 security deposit: with a reserved desk & private office.
~ Key pad/Locked Suite  
~ Private Co-working Suite w/ furniture and dedicated desk for your exclusive use  
~ Full Access to the business center/bistro/conference room (as available)  ~ First Come/First Serve basis on the Event Space rentals – deposit waived (schedule accordingly)  
~ Use of the mailing address  
~ The right to 24/7 access (price and/or deposit for keys to be determined)

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